Weightlifting Clinic
The St. Thomas Strength Athletics Gym Presents

“Training for Success”

Weightlifting Clinic

With strength and conditioning coach
Daniel Paré N.C.C.P., C.S.O., C.S.P.S., C.S.T.S.

Are you sick of being sore and tired after your workouts? Are you interested in making noticeable strength gains? Do you want to learn proper techniques for various lifts using free weights?

Whether you are just starting out or you are experienced this clinic is for you. This one-day weightlifting clinic goes in details with demonstration of proper form and technique for several key exercises. You are going to learn about the following:

1-Learn about strength training
2-Learn about Olympic weightlifting, the snatch and the clean and jerk
3-Learn proper form and technique for bench-press, deadlift, squat and more
4-Learn to increase strength and/or lose weight utilizing strength training
5-Learn how to get great results by utilizing 5 repetitions per set “Groove Trainingâ”
6-Learn how to train to remain strong from the beginning to the end of your work out

Dates: To Be Announced

Deadline for registration is: To Be Announced

Times: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: St. Thomas Strength Athletics, 1258 Talbot Street, St. Thomas Ontario
N5P 1G9, 519-633-0771, email stsa1258@aol.com,

Accommodation: Comfort Inn, 100 Centennial Ave, St. Thomas, On. N5R 5B2
519-633-4082, 1-800-228-5150

Cost: To Be Announced

Need a minimum of 4 people and no more than 10

Be dressed to work out. Bring water, paper and pen.

Seating is limited, so do not wait and register now.

Note: This clinic is for the ones who have an open mind and are serious about results.