Training Concept
B.A.S.S.® Sports Performance Strength Training Principle.
Defined as Balance, Agility, Strength, Speed, the BASS principle is meant to improve the athlete's sports skills. When training someone under the BASS guidance you must take into consideration the following:

-Height & length of limbs
-Level of ability

Then the following drills will determine your athlete's sports conditioning level:

-Overhead squats (Balance)
-Laterally jump and land on one foot (Agility)
-Squats full depth/Lunges (Strength)
-Prone sprints (Speed)

When all of the above have been preformed you have a pretty good idea where your athlete's level of conditioning. The above tests are not mandatory, but if your athlete is not capable of doing some of them, you know where he/she needs to improve on.

B.A.S.S.® includes a multitude of exercises and drills selected and they fall under the above-mentioned categories. Example of things to look for:

-Squats (front and back)
-Deadlift (conventional and sumo)
-Shoulder press
-Half moon squats
-Bent press
-Agility drills
-Speed drills
-Just to name a few

Groove Training®
Also called Myofibril Hypertrophy, is training to avoid as much muscular soreness as possible by training at the level at which you remain strong by using proper form and 5 reps per set and functional muscular testing which will determine adequate workload for an individual.

By doing no more than 5 repetitions per set you will avoid muscular soreness and therefore produce much faster results, because one can recuperate faster from workout to workout. If you do more than 5 reps per set (10) you are basically warming up. From becoming stronger to weight loss Groove Training works.

Keep the training sessions short and productive. This works for all ages. If you persist on doing long repetition sets (more than 8) you are going to be working out at the level at which you do not remain strong and your chances for injuries will be greater.