The St. Thomas Strength Athletics offers an excellent variety of programs and services:


Are you conditioned for your sport? You have been training for a while for the upcoming season and trials are approaching, or you need to know where your overall conditioning is. After this test, you will know what is needed for you to improve on.

This athletic testing is a MUST.

S.T.S.A.ģ is the only gym providing such a service.

1-Training Analysis: knowing what to do to achieve results has never been so easy to figure out. This unique approach to training consists of accurately determining what is needed (number of exercises, number of sets, reps, weight) to achieve success. Learn to train at the level where you remain strong.

2-Youth to Seniorís strength and conditioning: this program runs weekly and it is offered throughout the year. For the youth it becomes to continuity of the Youth Athletic Development Camp‚ and for seniors it is about improving overall strength and health. This program improves overall strength, health, flexibility, just to name a few. Ideal for the young athlete or the retired male and female

3-Plyometric: this is a very unique training method utilized by professionals to improve their athletesí power. Train effectively for acceleration and deceleration and improve your game.

4-Core strengthening: the core musculature is located between the rib cage and the knee joint. Learn specific exercises that are meant to target this area and make you stronger. This kind of training is essential for sports and daily life activities.

5-Strength & Tone‚ for women: a truly unique weight loss program emphasizing strength training. It is based on the book ď5 reps to weight lossĒ. Strength & Tone targets multiple muscle groups. You want to lose weight! This program is for you.

6-Olympic weightlifting: the St. Thomas Strength Athletics is a certified strength training facility with the Ontario Weightlifting Association (O.W.A.) and the International Weightlifting Federation (I.W.F.). Learn to train in a highly efficient manner with this unique approach to training. Increase you Balance, Agility, Strength, and Speed with the snatch and the clean and jerk. These lifts are highly technical and they can only be learned from experienced strength coaches.

7-Powerlifting: learn to perform the power lifts; the squat, the bench-press, the deadlift. The athlete who learns proper form and technique from the start will experience excellent strength gains.

8-Team conditioning and sports training: this is a unique approach to conditioning. This takes into consideration sports movement patterns and mechanical corrections for optimal results. The approach is based on B.A.S.S.‚ Sports Performance Strength Training Principle and proper application to strength training.

9-Strongman training: this kind of training is unique in itself. Flipping 800 lbs tires, pulling transport trucks, walking with 250 lbs cylinders in each hand requires a special strength, therefore, a special preparation.

And more, just contact us for more info.