Training Equipment
Our facility includes the following Cardiovascular Equipment:

-2 - Stationary bikes
-2 - Treadmills
-1 - Concept 2 rower
-1 - Eleptical
-Skipping Ropes

Equipment for Olympic weightlifting:

-Bumper plates
-Males, Females and youth barbells
-Adjustable Jerk boxes …

Equipment for Powerlifting:

-Calibrated Kg plates
-Powerlifting barbell IPF approved
-Bench-press and squat rack to IPF specifications

Equipment for strength and conditioning for youths:

-Barbells and plates
-Med ball
-Agility ladder …

Equipment for strongman training:

-Tires: up to 1000 Lbs
-Logs: starting at 135 Lbs
-Farmer’s walk implements
-Kegs …

Plus equipment for specialized training and the following equipment:

-4 bench-presses
-1 Incline bench-press
-Over 7 squat racks
-Dumbbells up to 140 Lbs

-2 power racks
-Boards of different thickness for bench-press
-1-CHG = calf-ham-glutes bench
-Over 10,000 lbs of weights
-20 barbells
-And much more